There’s a Truck for Every Trucker

8-editedIf you need a job and can learn how to drive a truck you might just find a job or your career faster than it takes to fix a flat tire. Good trucking companies from Denver and throughout the country are in dire need for truck drivers. Experience drivers are in demand big time!

The trucking industry has been hanging the ‘help wanted’ signs, placing radio, television and billboard ads for several years which is good news for the industry and the economy, but there simply isn’t enough drivers to keep up with the demand. Yep, there’s a truck drivershortage. Now with lower gas prices you can bet that wages for truckers will increase, making an already good job even more rewarding.

If you can drive a semi-truck you can pick where you want to drive. If you choose more difficult routes you can command higher dollars too. Starting pay runs around $28,000 with the average truck driver salary somewhere between $35,000 and $60,000. However, higher dollars approaching $100,000 can be had for the experienced pro who is in the right place, has built a solid reputation, safety record and is on time with his deliveries. A quality trucking company prefers to hire experienced drivers with a close to spotless record.

Often, truck drivers will negotiate their salaries around a pay rate that is based on mileage and not on hours. For an experienced independent truck driver, the rate per mile could be as high as 60 cents a mile.

Trucking companies haul goods and produce that keep America running. Trucking is a respectable and enjoyable job for many men and women.Truck drivers are constantly rated in the top ten careers in the US. A number of drivers will eventually buy their own rig and work as an independent trucker.

Some trucking companies haul over-sized loads like like modular homes and huge tractors. Some specialized companies haul radioactive waste which requires following much more strict guidelines for transport of such materials. If you’re hauling a truckload of dangerous chemical or petrochemicals you can rest assured that the trucking company will need only the safest drivers be in charge of those loads.

But if you want to see the country it’s a great way to go. You sit way above the rest of the traffic and there’s a lot of scenery to enjoy. If you work for a trucking firm most of the companies offer paid vacations, health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans and help keep you supplied with work.

If you’re stuck in a dead end job you might consider learning to drive a semi-truck. It’s a skill that travels wherever you move. You can earn your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in about 3 weeks. There are driving schools all across the country so it’s easy to get started. Maybe the hardest part is learning how to back up one of those big rigs. But like most things, just do it a bunch and it become second nature. Good truckers are worth their weight in gold because they keep the roads safe and handle their job like a professional. It’s not always easy to drive those big rigs but most jobs have some type of challenge and it’s nice to have an occupation that you can pick up and take with you anywhere.

A quality company will have a fleet of trucks: flat bed trucks, flat beds, trailers, roll-offs and more. If you get hired for one of these quality companies you can often learn how to drive several different types of vehicles. The truckers are a diverse a group of people but most often they are eager to help other truckers out and are a friendly lot to meet in truck stops.

So you might want to learn to drive a truck and get yourself rolling down the road into a new career!